The Last Two Months in GIF Format

UPDATE! It has been quite a while, as I was waiting (very impatiently) for my Google Glass invitation to be sent to me. For two/three months I looked very much like this:

Project Glass even Twittered me several times telling me not to give up hope.

But then, two weeks ago, the moment came! I GOT THE INVITE!

But then I didn’t have the money until the following week because PAYDAYZ:

And then because I had to wait, all of the June appointments were gone!

But then, I went ahead and booked my appointment for July 3rd, at 4PM. Which really, in the scheme of things, isn’t too too far away.

So now I am in waiting mode (again), and so close I can taste it. Time for some more logistics (like tethering and whether to switch to Android), and planning whether to dress up for my Glass fitting, and making a list of all of the cool things to do once I have it. Basically, I need it to be July 3rd right now, because:


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