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I’m Ready for my Close Up, Mr. DeMille

I was interviewed by my friend Ade last week about wearing my Google Glass! She makes it look GOOD. We had the real camera and mics and everything. When she asked me to describe reactions to the Glass that I usually receive, I described it as “having a really cute puppy. Everyone wants to stop […]

The Last Two Months in GIF Format

UPDATE! It has been quite a while, as I was waiting (very impatiently) for my Google Glass invitation to be sent to me. For two/three months I looked very much like this: Project Glass even Twittered me several times telling me not to give up hope. But then, two weeks ago, the moment came! I […]

Fitting In and Standing Out

The last couple days I have started to realize that I have a couple logistics to figure out: 1) If the glasses are Wifi only, I might have to get the Hotspot feature on my phone because what is the point of not being connected everywhere? 2) What color should I pick if I get […]

They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

Well sure enough – I got picked to be a Google Glasses Explorer today.   I was actually in the car on the way back to the Milwaukee airport with my Sales exec, Craig, and had a mini freak-out¬†in his rental car. There may or may not have been¬†hyperventilation involved and a bit of this: […]

Pick me, Pick Me!

Insert amazing experiences captured with Google Glasses here.